Theatre Workshops

These workshops work under the slightly broader remit of 'emotional well-being' so If you have issues around low confidence or self-esteem these workshops are for you!
  • Workshops are open to young people between ages of 18 and 25 years.
  • They involve a range of activities including games, image theatre and improvisation.
  • We also create our own pieces of forum theatre, based on issues relevant to the group, which are often used to train professionals and to raise awareness of mental health issues.
  • Workshops are held at the Quaker Meeting House in Charles Street. They are free of charge and usually run for 8-10 weeks on a Wednesday from 10:30 am - 3pm.
  • There is a one hour lunch break; drinks and snacks are provided, but please bring a packed lunch.
The next series of theatre workshops are starting in September 2019 - please contact the office for further details.

                                 Supported by the People's Lottrery